It’s a crazy world…

The news that, in the USA, the film The Dark Knight received the same rating of PG-13 as Mamma Mia! raises a lot of disturbing issues.

There is something seriously wrong in the world when The Dark Knight is considered at the same level as Mamma Mia! I have seen The Dark Knight and yes, it’s a brilliant film but at the same time, I did find it quite unsettling at times. It is definitely not suitable for children and it concerned me that when I saw it, there were some parents there with their kids. It’s even more disturbing that much of the marketing for the film is aimed squarely at children – toys, happy meals at fast food outlets and just the other day I saw a junior version of the novelisation in the shops.

What are we teaching the kids of today? That violence is OK? The violence in The Dark Knight is not cartoon violence where a kid can easily tell the difference between fantasy and reality

What is so morally wrong with Mamma Mia? Oh that’s right, Donna slept with three different men in a short period of time. She was, gasp, a single mother. Who was that idiot Vice President who attacked the TV show Murphy Brown for glorifying single parenting? He’d have a heart attack watching Mamma Mia!

I think the issue can be highlighted by the craziness around the Janet Jackson nipple debacle. The absolute outrage and religious condemnation over something that you couldn’t even see clearly. Then on the other hand, another high school shooting barely raises a ripple. Yes, there is concern but where is the outrage and why isn’t anyone trying to solve the problem?

Of course, the gun lobbyists try to tell you that there wouldn’t be problems with high school shootings if all the students had guns. Huh? The problems would be much bigger as schools become battlegrounds.

There are so many things wrong with society today and things aren’t getting better. One of the things I loved about the original series of Star Trek when I was a kid wasn’t just about the future technology but it was showing a future where people were more equal and could get along with each other. Sadly, I just don’t see that happening in my lifetime.

The biggest problem by far is organised religion. It amazes me that so many people cling on to this outdated concept and use it to justify all kinds of atrocities against others. The Bible is not the word of God but someone’s limited and conservative interpretation from the middle ages. It sickened me that Sydney recently had to grind to a halt and spend millions and millions of taxpayer dollars for World Youth Day and the visit of the Pope. The Pope and others like him put on a public face of preaching love, understanding and a better world but in reality, they are preaching hatred, intolerance, guilt and fear.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while now about faith and spirituality and I can’t help but feel what an amazing world this would be if people just had faith in themselves. A kind of inner spirituality. If people could just unlock their own potential and learn to live with others then WOW. Put aside petty issues about ego, one-upmanship and owning the latest iPhone. Focus on what’s important. It may just be a pipe dream but if people could just start moving towards that even in small ways, this could be an amazing world to live in.

1 Response to “It’s a crazy world…”

  1. July 30, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    you are so right. i find myself in every word you write.
    and i am surprised, because mamma mia has no age-limit in germany, and i can tell you, that my son (9) enjoyed it a lot. we had a great night in cinema.
    thanks for the site !!!
    from stuttgart/germany. Ralf

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