My Disco Bunny Years

Isn’t YouTube wonderful? I’ve been transported back to when I was young enough to qualify for the Young Gays social group in Adelaide. And trust me that was many years ago.

Back then, mainstream pop was so boring so it was always a case of hearing some fabulous high energy number on the dance floor and then spending a small fortune to buy the import 12″ single. There was only one gay disco in Adelaide – the Mars Bar. The Green Dragon pub used to have drag shows which was another good source for hearing fabulous dance music.

So, I have found all these obscure dance songs on YouTube, lots of ones that have never been committed to CD. It has taken me back to the time when I used to go to discos and even dance. The days of spending weekends in Melbourne (via the 14 hour train trip from hell) and hitting the discos (Melbourne had more than one) and the import record shops. Many was the time that I would get the overnight train back to Adelaide on a Sunday and stumble into work with virtually no sleep the next morning.

I Need A Man In My Life – Katie Kissoon

Lost In A Dream – Nick John (whatever happened to him – he was so cute on the 12″ single cover)

Earthquake – The Flirtations

Unexpected Lovers – Lime

Build Me Up Buttercup – Torch

Have A Cigar – Rosebud

Blood And Honey – Amanda Lear

Automatic Lover – Dee D Jackson (apologies to my friend Steve C)

Hey, Hey Guy – Ken Laszlo

It’s All Rite… – Barbara Markay (bad language warning)

Hey, I even got lucky once in the back of a car thanks to that last song. 😉

I could probably keep going but this should be enough to let you what I was listening to in the 80s.

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