Kiki Dee

I have been having a Kiki Dee weekend in between housework, Doctor Who and a few drinks at the local pub with Graeme and James.
I guess most people know Kiki from her massive hit with Elton John, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.  Well, there is so much more to this singer-songwriter than that one duet.  Much, much more.
Kiki started off in the 60s releasing a number of singles and an album on the Fontana label.  She also provided backing vocals to other singers including the great Dusty Springfield.  The two became friends and Dusty even returned the favour by singing backing vocals on one of Kiki’s singles, Why Don’t I Run Away From You.
At the end of the 60s, Kiki made history by becoming the first UK artist to be signed to the Motown label.  The resulting LP was very good but sadly didn’t sell that well.  After this she signed up to Rocket Records, Elton John’s new label, in the early 70s.  She released a number of mostly excellent albums throughout the 70s on Rocket.  Apart from Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Kiki had hits like the soaring Amoureuse and I’ve Got The Music In Me.
Kiki still tours and releases music.  Her last album in 2005 contains an incredible take on Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill.
What has inspired this Kiki splurge is the news of a slew of reissues.
Earlier this month, Edsel released Kiki’s 1981 album Perfect Timing with bonus tracks.  This album is known for the hit Star and another duet with Elton John, Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever.
On 12 May, EMI are rereleasing Kiki’s albums for Rocket including a previously unreleased album plus her EMI album.  All albums have bonus tracks.
– Loving And Free (1973)
– I’ve Got The Music In Me (1974)
– Cage The Songbird (1976 – previously unreleased)
– Kiki Dee (1977)
– Stay With Me (1979)
– Angel Eyes (1987 – EMI)
There is a great fan website at www.kikidee.info which is worth checking out.  You can listen to much of Kiki’s output over the years by dipping into the Timeline section.  You can also see the tracklistings of the reissues at the bottom of this page – http://www.kikidee.info/y2008.html
Kiki has an amazing voice and has put out some great stuff so check her out. You won’t be disappointed. I defy anyone not to be moved by the beautiful Amoureuse.

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