Cyndi Lauper in Concert

Cyndi appeared live at the State Theatre in Sydney in early March. She had managed to coincide the dates with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras along with other such gay icons as Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho.

It had never occurred to me that I should see Cyndi in concert, I’m ashamed to say. I had loved Cyndi back in the 80s but had lost touch with her during the 90s. I knew she was still around but she wasn’t really registering on my radar.

A friend, Neil, was visiting Sydney for the first time from South Africa. He wanted to thank Graeme and I for showing him a good time so he went ahead and bought tickets for Cyndi’s concert. I didn’t know what to think at first but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it could be a good idea. To prepare myself for the concert, I scoured the internet to find out what Cyndi had been up to and I dug out the greatest hits CD I had and played it to death. I discovered her amazing acoustic CD (check Cyndi’s MySpace to hear some tracks from The Body Acoustic) and I had read all about her wonderful work with the gay community. By the night of the concert I felt fully prepared and very excited too.

What can I say about the show and about Cyndi? She was amazing and put on a great show. She didn’t shy away from her hits and even kicked off the how with Hole In My Heart and The Goonies, two songs she’s reportedly not fond of but they had been big hits here and the audience lapped it up, me included.

Cyndi also debuted some tracks from her forthcoming album Bring Ya To The Brink, out at the end of May. I really liked what I heard so this album is definitely on my shopping list. It is more of a dance-oriented album and there’s even a collaboration with Swede Kleerup, who collaborated with Robyn on the fabulous With Every Heartbeat.

One complaint I had with the concert was more to do with the seats we had since we were in the nosebleed zone. Cyndi would jump off the stage from time to time and we would lose sight of her. It was almost like she was only playing to the audience downstairs. Being the night after the Mardi Gras party, the downstairs audience were a bit more subdued than Cyndi would have liked. She didn’t seem pleased about that. On the other hand, the upstairs audience were really digging the show. Unfortunately, due to the thetre, we weren’t allowed to stand up and dance in the aisles. Something about the whole thing collapsing. Very reassuring.

But overall, a great night and I feel fully inducted back into the Cult of Cyndi. It’s amazing how many acts from my younger years are still around and producing great music. Even the B-52s are back.

On a more personal note, it was sad to say goodbye to Neil. We had seen him quite a few times during his two week visit. He is an internet friend through the ABBAMAIL list so we hadn’t met face to face before despite knowing each other quite well. He has promised a return visit.

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