My First Bloggers Meeting

A couple of nights ago, I attended my first bloggers meeting in Newtown at the Courthouse Hotel. As I was leaving work, a colleague asked where I was off to and was mildly amused when I said a gay bloggers meeting. He gave me a look that said “what with Mardi Gras on this weekend and the city full of Americans and South Americans looking for sex, why on earth are you going to a gay bloggers meeting”. Well , his look didn’t say that, he actually used those words. The look was probably more “what a nerd”. 🙂

I was nervous about the meeting since I am shy around new people. I knew James and Andrew already and it was they who encouraged me to come along. I was glad that I did. There were about 10 of us in the beer garden, thankfully under cover since it was raining.

Having read some of the other reports of the meeting, I am unsure of the exact protocol of using people’s real names, screen names or blog names to refer to individuals. To keep it simple, I added a stack of blogs to my Blogroll (see to the right) so have a browse.

Everyone was nice and easy to get on with so I felt quite comfortable. It was an interesting evening with a diverse range of topics discussed. Travel, dogs, Cardiff, Torchwood, Number 96, Dusty Springfield, social knitting, gay history, gay films, etc. We even talked about blogging (surprise, surprise).

I had a great time and I hope more meetings are organised. Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early since I was being interviewed on radio about Dusty Springfield (although that was a disaster – I’ll talk about that another time).

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