Nordic Euroboypop

I have been discovering some Nordic Euroboypop recently. And I’ve found that if you can put aside a little thing like not singing in the English language then you will find that there is some fantastic music out there.

I am a fan of the Icelandic singer Paul Oscar (aka Páll Óskar) following his sensational but controversial Eurovision performance in 1997. I have a few albums of his. I hadn’t heard anything from him for quite a while. For the hell of it, I Googled him the other day and found out that he released a new dance pop album last October. A bit more searching and I had seen the clips, heard the 30 second previews of the songs and purchased the album as a digital download. And it’s great. Check out the video clips for the two singles:

Paul Oscar’s MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/palloskar

Courtesy of lastfm.com I have discovered a rather good Finnish singer called Antti Tuisku. Back in 2006 he released two albums on the same day – a pop one and a dance one. I have been looking everywhere to buy the dance one (called “New York”) but have had no luck either as a physical copy or digital download. If anyone can point me in the direction of a place that sells Finnish pop music online, please drop me a line.
Here’s a track from “New York”:

And Antti’s MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/anttituiskuofficial

Over the map a bit to Russia. A couple of years ago, Dima Bilan represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Apart from looking great in a white singlet, he could sing quite well and came second with his song “Never Let You Go”. A search of YouTube shows that he has released quite a lot of music, mainly in Russian. Here’s one of my favourites:

And his classic Eurovision performance (in English):

I’ll finish off with another Russian, the sexy Sergey Lazarev, with his sensational cover of “Shattered Dreams” (originally recorded by Johnny Hates Jazz in the 80s). Don’t worry this one’s in English and was even released in the UK as a physical single.

I guess you can tell that I’m in a Euroboypop mood and obviously gearing up for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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